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Zen Planner Review

After reviewing the Zen Planner Workout Tracking Software I find the website to be very helpful. You sign up and put your clients into your list and you can view everything they do. The software pricing is very nice you only pay for how many clients you have. There are a lot of types of exercises that you can choose to do with this software.

One of my favorite things about this site is that you can track all the workouts and view the leaderboard, so it will make people work harder to get better. Another nice feature is that there is auto billing, which makes getting and receiving payments very easy. You can track the attendance of everyone of your clients. If I owned a fitness business I would definitely Look into this it would make my life less stressful. This site makes me want to start up a business they do all the work for you. Overall I really liked how they set the site up and needs to be considered by personal trainers. Something that everyone should look into it has a free 15 day membership to see if you like it, so you might as well try it nothing to lose.

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