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X-Size workout software was developed by Oliver Wolter, who is a German world class bodybuilding & strength trainer. X-Size is more than another Training System - it's software with built in A.I. (artificial intelligence) That means it makes the right decisions just for you. It perfectly adapts to anyone's needs. This is truly one of the most revolutionary programs I have seen in a long time!

"In X-Size you can choose a certain body part as a "primary bodypart" that you want to pay attention to. I had picked chest and shoulders, which I've been able to put on mass easily! I've been in the major bulk phase, but you can choose a cutting phase and the software will adjust to your target. It goes thru strength tests and then a work phase, results are determined in "time worked to failure" not in rep count. I don't really care if another dude buys this software, but I know I'm wicked glad that I have, it has helped me and really works out for my lifestyle, busy, busy!"

If you want to make the fastest possible muscle gains, go to: X-Size Bodybuilding Software

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