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Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Software Review

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The Somanabolic muscle maximizer was originally invented by the famous fitness expert Kyle Leon. This software is not like any other new muscle building technique, it's something that is built on solid science because Kyle has taken the idea of different somatotypes needing different stimuli to get the same result.

He created the Somanabolic muscle maximizer which is software that is split into two distinctive paths. The first part is customized nutrition that is explained in an easy to understand step by step manner. The software automatically generates an eating plan to ensure maximal lean muscle growth.

It simple because the software only needs your age, your sex, your weight, your height and your goal. This information is then fed into the software along with your body-type (endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph) and the number of hours that you will be training in a week.

The software then crunches its numbers and a new eating plan pops out, like magic. This meal plan/diet is made up of proteins, carbs and fats along with the perfect amount of fiber required for your body-type. The software will also automatically adjust your eating plan on training days and rest days.

The software also includes a tracking device where the data acquired is directly plotted against your specific objective so that you can see how you're doing, your current progress on the path to your objective. The weight training part of the Somanabolic maximizer is also specific to your body-type.

The software automatically uses all the information you submitted to come up with a weight training routine that is not only going to dictate what exercises to do but also the sets and reps, how many sets to take to failure and how many to train past the point of failure.

The whole program is designed to take any guess work out of building lean muscle mass. It comes from implementing scientifically proven formulas, and the use of customization to suit specific parameters is now possible with this new software.

The easy to understand video explanation, together with the money back guarantee stating that if you implement the strategy you will gain muscle, makes the decision easy for any beginner. This innovative software is able to guarantee results because it relies on well-proven scientific protocols.

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