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The new PTminder is built to fit any personal trainer who is constantly on the move. Although it works as a mobile app it is also a cloud-based website that facilitates the smooth running of any busy personal trainer. If we take a look at the features that have been included in this software, we will see that it can be extremely useful.

This app or website will allow for the easy calendar scheduling required for any personal trainer. The developers of this easy to use interactive app have taken the life management and the organizing of a personal trainerís life into the 21st century.

Itís taken 16 years but now it looks like this sophisticated software is going to be part of any personal trainerís kit. The PTminder app or the website will enable any personal trainer to produce, via print or email, any invoicing or credit card payment required can be produced on the go, while the client is standing in front of you.

More importantly is the ability of the app to do a client assessment using a few simple questionnaires and a few bodyweight and tape measurements. Whether the client is charged extra for this service can be negotiated and settled onsite with the easy to access credit card or debit card payment system.

A primary concern for any busy personal trainer would be to advertise and get access to online bookings for his/her clients. Both of these requirements are met using the website where a client can easily request a booking. Marketing is the key ingredient running a good personal trainer business and the website can be found on the first page of Google.

Depending on what type of personal training you specialize in, you could easily use the app to send notifications via sms that could relate to anything from reminding the client to eat or to change a clientís training cycle. The easy storage of any and all data related to a specific client can be created with just a few clicks.

Depending on how many clients you have in your database you could send out a bulk sms or email notices to your existing clients offering them a new sales package or to create a class online, the choices are endless. The data could also be uploaded by the client depending how you explain your services.

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