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Nutritics Professional Nutrition Analysis Software Review

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The Nutritics Professional Nutrition Analysis Software offers an in-depth analysis of what you are eating. This easy to access data is scientifically based on all the parameters that that have been clinically proven, which makes it a perfect adjunct that can dramatically help diabetes control, fat-loss, hypertension and many other chronic diseases that need a corrective diet.

This professional and sophisticated software includes a list of 258 different nutrients that you can eat. But the software does a lot more than that because it offers a reading on your glycemic load any free sugars you might be consuming on a regular basis and your PRAL (acid/alkaline) reading of any of these 258 nutrients listed.

Meal planning is easy when using the Nutritics software because it will help you create a specific meal plan using a database of well over 125,000 different foods listed in the software, including any and all health foods or supplements. This software enables you to do a complete recipe analysis so that you can create a much healthier version of your favorite recipes.

This highly sophisticated software is an industry leader for many years now and is used by hospitals and many universities in well over 100 different countries across the world. If you are a dietitian or a personal trainer, you can also add any logo to any report or template that you use to send to a customer/client.

The software is continually upgraded to improve accuracy so that it can now calculate your fat absorption plus any possible nutrient loss that may have occurred during preparation of the food. This is done automatically when the required data is entered.

The parameters this software uses are based on seven different national and international dietary guidelines, all based on clinically proven statistics, which improves the accuracy of the readings that you get. Your nutrient requirement is calculated using 10 different variables that include your age, gender and your activity levels plus many more, easy to complete parameters.

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