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My Workout Trainer can easily keep track of your daily exercise routines. Are there days you simply forgot what muscle group was worked on or how many sets were included? Keeping track of each individual workout regimen, will be a snap. You can keep track of your strength training and cardio workouts with ease. Using My Workout Trainer gives you the ability to enter details pertaining to each activity, such as the type of workout, duration, reps, sets, and muscle groups.

The cardio screen mode, allows you to enter the name of each exercise, duration, calories burned, and the level of intensity. My Workout Trainer, will allow you to add any personal notes, you want to keep track of. Calculating your body fat isn't easy to remember, but with My Workout Trainer, you can. After entering your measurements, My Workout Trainer, will calculate your BMI and BMR for you. The user profile mode gives you the option to set and save all your personal workout preferences. This includes body-fat, workouts, and history. The slideshow option tops it off! Saving images of your body's transitioning stages can add encouragement along the way to the body of your dreams.

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