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The Features of iGo Figure Software

If you own a fitness center and want an easier way to manage your employees and your members, then the iGo Figure software would be the perfect option for you. This software has several different kinds of features that you can take advantage of. A couple of those features includes membership management and there is even a feature for you to keep up with all your employees.

With the membership management tool of the iGo Figure software, you can add members or you can put their accounts on hold for whatever reason such as if they missed a few too many payments. Another great thing about this software is you can communicate with your members such as if you wanted to let them know about any specials going on. This would be an easy way to manage that instead of sending out emails or talking with each member individually.

The just for employees section of the software would be an easy way to see who is working on what shift and who is not working. You would also be able to train your staff on how to use this software with this program so they can clock in from this program.

The iGo Figure software as a ton more features such as money management, business management, and a place for just your members. This is a perfect way to manage your business without becoming flustered and without being in your fitness center all the time. You can manage your employees and your members from your home computer with this system.

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