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The iDiet management software tool was specifically created for use in the USA because it integrates the USA Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database as a standard reference. This diet management tool can be very effectively used for any type of diet, from the high protein low carb ketone diets to a standard calorie restricted diet.

Using this iDiet software will help you to keep track of all your daily intake of nutrients like proteins, carbs and fats plus some additional ones like the water, the sodium and the fiber in the food you eat. The diet will automatically use all the data that you enter to adjust for any chronic disease listed or specific objectives sought after.

When using the iDiet you will need to define the specific diet you want to go on. You have a wide choice of selecting a standard diet issued on the platform or you can create your own diet. There is a convenient drop down menu that allows you to accept a predefined diet that will automatically calculate the calorie allocation you need to implement on every meal.

The software allows you to switch diets or change your diet to a custom diet. There is a series of check boxes that are used that enable you to lock-in the corresponding nutrient which will make sure that the value is not modified when you decide to change the daily calories or any other nutrients.

The iDiet software is user friendly because after you've done all the initial setup you will see a daily view. This will display your intake required for the day, making it easy to monitor the progress you make during the day, but you can easily add other meals from the existing database, or you can create new meals.

When the iDiet is downloaded you will see the screen divided into two different sections. On the left are progress bars for each nutrient that you need to consume that day. These progress bars show you exactly how your diet is planning out for the day and includes all your activity done, set against your specific goal weight.

The objective is to try and keep all these colored bars full after each meal so that you can immediately see how your selected daily eating plan is going. On the right side of the screen you get access to the extensive food database that enables you to select the simple ingredients you need to create your meals and save them. But it's just as easy to select a predefined meal like a Big Mac which will be included into your daily dietary calculations with the click of a button.

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