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Only if this is the first text you have ever read on weight training or bodybuilding will you be completely unaware of high intensity training (HIT). The well-respected sports scientist Dr. Arthur Steinhausen summed up the benefits of training with high intensity by saying that ONLY when intensity is increased will muscle start to grow.

This comes from over 100 years of research done on how and why a muscle gets larger. Now this scientifically proven formula is freely available to be downloaded by anyone interested in building muscle. The High Intensity ToolKit is highly specialized and very specific, including various workout routines and a meal-planner with all your specific analytics and statistics you are going to need to maximize your results.

High tech software has finally caught up with the 100-year-old sport of building muscle, the software offers a wide range of information on your own specific requirements needed to build muscle. This new High Intensity Toolkit gives you free analytical data on your body, your diet and your recuperation needed.

The software includes how many days a week you should train and something called frequency adaptation to ensure permanent muscle gain when following the nutrition and training guidelines. The software was created out of countless studies that conclusively show training with high volume resulted in no increased strength or muscle increase compared to any single-set training.

The pioneer of HIT Mike Mentzer recommended training with single sets every 4 to 7 days which goes against all the existing protocols of the high volume training done by bodybuilders. But 50 years’ later sports science has proven him to be correct and this has now been created in freely downloadable software to enable the process.

The software includes the decreasing rest time is required to ensure strength and muscle gain because the stronger you get the higher your intensity needs to be. This increasing intensity requires a reduction in the time you spend training to avoid over-training.

The High Intensity Toolkit also includes an interactive ‘Adaptation’ function that scientifically calculates your ideal training frequency which suggests the duration of your workout and the total reps performed (volume). The software also suggests the weights recommended depending on your training frequency.

This new software is able to specifically dictate your nutrition required for your own specific body. It is based on the now well-proven mix of 60% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 15% fat to ensure that you get all the required nutrition needed to meet your strength and muscle gain objectives.

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