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If you are the scientific type of person who wants facts. If you are the type of person who wants proof before they do anything, then you need the fitness maker software. It is software that was specifically created using scientifically proven data to maximize muscle growth. There are different fitness maker software's available on the market that vary in quality, some are specifically designed for personal trainers to use. However, you often get a free trial offer, to see if it helps. The idea of being able to assess your fitness, plan your diet and tell you exactly what exercise, sets and reps you should do to maximize hypertrophy sounds impossible.

But with the advent of technology so that everyone having a mobile phone can access highly sophisticated software gets easier every day. Now all you have to do is punch in a few personal details and press a button. What you get back is completely astounding for anyone involved in the health and fitness industry for the last 50 years.

The software not only diagnoses you, or your client's potential risks in doing exercise, but it tells you the fitness and VO2 levels. The software is designed to use all the proven statistics on muscle hypertrophy and the specific nutrients required to maximize muscle hypertrophy, fat-loss or targeted muscle strength increase.

This software was designed for personal trainers and there are specific features to record a client's data, from demographics to a daily mean plan with a before and after pic. The ability to include a client or a person's health history with a PAR-Q questionnaire makes the software even more specific when prescribing supplements and daily meal plans.

The fitness maker software is then able to flag any health risk issues, then takes it a step farther by giving you very specific, measurable goals that have been scientifically manipulated to suit your physical condition. The software comes with over 50 different pre-defined goals.

But that's not all, the Fitness Assessment Software comes with specific tests that give your body composition, strength, flexibility and your VO2 levels. All the tests done come with population norms, plus the assessment software comes with a senior citizens' option and a functional fitness option.

When this software is used correctly it can build your own eating and training protocol that includes a regular measurement of body-fat, heart rate, strength and flexibility fluctuations. The software also includes an ability change and/or edit the test protocols.

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