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Evolution Nutrition Professional Meal Planning Software Review

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The new Evolution Nutrition Professional Meal Planning Software is without a doubt the top of the range when it comes to presenting an efficient meal plan, either to your clients or students or for you personally. This sophisticated software is designed to help the professional and is not designed for personal use.

Although the software acquired it updated data on the digestion of food from recognized clinical studies, it also allows you to swap foods to other selected foods in any diet. There are well over 150 different comprehensive meal plans that your client or student can choose from.

The software is free to download but is not free to use because the access to the information you need to make it work comes with a monthly fee ranging from $19 a month for the basic edition that gives you a comprehensive and fully automated meal plans that you can distribute to your clients.

The fast access to this valuable data is perfect for any personal trainer who can take care of hundreds of different clients or students with just a click of a button. There is also an option available so that you can upgrade to a more comprehensive meal plan anytime you like because there are no contracts.

The upgrade that is available for any busy personal trainer comes at a cost of $39.00/month and is called the fitness edition. This upgrade would be used by nutritionists and dietitians who would like to offer their clients a wider range of options.

This fitness option upgrade allows you to select from 750 different meal plans that allows you to easily track and analyze your client's data because of their own entry of the food they eat and the activity they are doing. Once again the software is designed for the professional, so it's easy to change the logo and make it your own.

The last upgrade available is called the Pro Edition which is available for $59.00/month. This is the top of the range when it comes to issuing fat-loss or muscle gaining diets. This unique software allows you to issue meal plans for your client's that include suggested foods, recipes and suggested supplements depending on the specific goal.

This unique and innovative software will give you complete control of your client's needs making your job as a nutritionist or dietitian a whole easier than it used to be. Any and all parameters can be personally customized by you to ensure that it suits your specific client's needs.

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