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The Diet Organizer software is a fast and easy-to-use for plotting and tracking your calories that you're eating as well as any and all exercise that you might be doing during your day. From shedding fat to optimizing your diet for enhanced muscle growth, this diet organizer offers effective management techniques to control your body.

There are some additional features that this software offer which include a daily diet journal where you enter the foods eaten and you get an instant nutritional analysis showing you exactly how to adjust the quantities to ensure success. No need to count calories yourself because once you've entered the foods that were eaten that day, and the quantity, you get a readout on calories with just a click.

There is also an instant summary button which gives you the perfect calorie intake plan you need to follow in order to achieve the weight loss objective you are looking for. The software offers a user defined charting system that allows you to monitor your progress.

Other equivalents on the market often require a tedious data entry system where you need to count the calories seen on the packaging and then laboriously enter the info into the software platform every day for weeks and sometimes months. But this diet organizer offers a simple spreadsheet style interface that comes with a cut/copy/paste function and an undo/redo function with direct-cell-entry plus a search-as-you-type function that makes logging your data fast and painless.

The diet organizer also offers a function to track your body measurements. When you enter the measurements that you get from using a tape measure, with a simple click of a button you can plot your progress in achieving your objective. This feature can obviously be used to plot muscle growth for bodybuilders using the same software.

Probably the most attractive feature of the diet organizer must be the color coded calorie counter that will flash alerts when certain foods are eaten that may affect the results that you want to achieve. You then get offered a wide variety of low calorie equivalents that make it easier to stick with the program.

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