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The Bodybuiding Diet App

If you speak to any professional bodybuilder they will probably tell you that when competing successfully it is 90% diet and only 10% training that makes the difference on stage. The new bodybuilding diet app takes away any guess work you might be using.

The app is not only completely customizable to suit your own specific needs but it helps you to break down your meals into the required macros you need. This makes your grocery shopping a whole lot easier because your macros like protein, carbs, fats, fruit and veggies are actually itemized with a simple click of a button.

The app has a built in food calculator to show you the exact serving size you are going to need to meet your carb, protein and fat requirements. For example, it will tell you that 4 ounces of chicken equals 30 grams of protein, showing the cooked value and the uncooked value.

Most of these dietary apps also allow you to calculate your off-season adjustments needed, which could be of extreme value to any competitive bodybuilder. Customer reviews on this app explain that it is able to suppress hunger very effectively because it sends you an alarm when to eat.

The software automatically saves every meal you eat so that your theoretical fat-loss or muscle gain are quickly calculated with the click of a button. It takes all the guesswork out of dieting effectively, ensuring a rapid fat-loss regime while maximizing your muscle gain at the same time.

Customer reviews explain in detail exactly how the app simplifies their dieting by offering a copy meal and remember meal functions that help you to easily track your macros with just a click. This app can give you a breakdown of all the macros you are eating at any time of the day.

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