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Bodybuilder ATB The Advanced Tool Box

If you are a bodybuilder trying to gain more muscle and sick of reading conflicting opinions on exactly how to do this, then software based on proven scientific evidence will help you achieve your muscle-gain goals. The new ATB Advanced Tool Box software provides you with all the options you are looking for.

Although this innovative software could be very effectively used to improve results if you have been training with weights for a couple of years, it can also be used by complete beginners and advanced bodybuilders. This software is designed to transform your body by suggesting a weight training schedule, the optimum diet you should follow and the supplementation recommended.

For example, once your details have been entered into the software you will see an option for ‘Advanced scientific metabolic calculator’ which provides you with a sophisticated diet system to help your cutting or your bulking objective. It gives you a very precise meal planner to maximum your GH and your insulin control.

The new ATB software also includes 14 different workout routines, but you can easily add movements or create your own. The ATB software also offers a Food Log section that specifically deals with all the nutrition macros you’ll need to ensure you get the results that you are looking for.

The big advantage of using software with an easy to understand interface is that it allows you to access a complete analytics breakdown of your stats. Plus, the software includes an extensive supplementation formula that you can change to suit your specific requirements.

When you use this ATB software you will be able to select a wide range of options that are based on scientific algorithms and highly sophisticated dietary systems. The flexible meal planner option allows you to plan and prepare your meals throughout your day to optimize the hard work you put into your training.

You will be constantly adding data by entering the sets, reps and the weight lifted to your workout journal which is the processed using highly sophisticated algorithms that create a meal planner out of that data. You can the easily analyze your progress using the GymStat option which gives you a very specific answer to the progress you are making. Just like having your very own personal trainer, this new ATB software also has a Wizard that tells you exactly what and when to eat your macros and when to change your training or increase the weights.

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