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If you are a personal trainer, then you should be aware of the new BioEx Fitness and Nutrition Software that increases your ability to deal with your clients a lot more effectively. This highly sophisticated high tech software is able to do a complete fitness assessment that is presented in full color to the client.

The BioEx does a lot more than that however because it can provide any and all nutritional guidelines to your client, print meal plans, assist you in creating a new fitness program or training routine and automatically update any relevant information pertaining to that specific client.

You can easily store an unlimited amount of clients in your care holding valuable data, including photos, your clientís health history, automatically flags any health risks plus over 100 pre-defined different goals and tests that you can put your clients on.

The nutrition software includes a calorie assessment with a meal plan. This will provide all the nutritional services your clients may need to ensure continuing education on effective fat loss and offers a proper nutritious meal plan. Together with the comprehensive fitness assessment you will be able to provide a full color test that reflects professionalism with measurable results.

The pre-defined tests that come with the software will record and measure body composition, strength, girth measurements, flexibility and your VO2. But more importantly the software will save and be able to track the results that your clients are getting, which will improve your chances of getting more clients because it will enhance your professional image and help to retain any clients, while improving training quality.

This sophisticated piece of software will help your clients to keep focusing on goal achievements by itemizing the required short-term objectives in a clientís training and/or eating program. The software will be able to print out the specific meal plan that the client should follow, together with recipes and shopping lists.

This user friendly software will also enable the personal trainer to adjust the parameters to suit senior citizens and the required functional tests needed to make an accurate full body assessment. The software can quickly work out the nutrition goals that are based on the clients age, gender and their activity level.

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