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The Biggly Body Building Software System

When it comes to weight loss and body sculpting, forget the trendy diets and belly shaping gizmos. The Biggly Diet Software plan can scientifically give you all this and more.

It can be very daunting at best when you are not seeing the expected results for all your efforts. With the Biggly bodybuilding software, you track your physical measurements, diet and exercise so you will see the results quickly.

Another unique feature of the Biggly Software system is it will rank how sexy your body is, based on the Biggly Body index!

Using all the average figures from 12 different categories, Biggly considers your gender and age, then compares your measurements to a proven scientifically physique stature considered the most attractive to the opposite sex.

Dubbed “The Body Builder's BMI”, the Biggly Body index actually does more than simply rate how slim you are like the usual BMI. The normal "BMI" is actually useless, because it can show bodybuilders as being over weight.

The Biggly Body Index is proven to deliver a perfect body to a maximum of 100% Biggly.

The Biggly system is the best weight loss and muscle building platform on the market today simply because of the results, bottom line! So for the best workout system, it has to be Biggly.

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